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About CADBURY Chocolate

After 200 years in business, we've come a long way from our roots on 93 Bull Street in Birmingham, England.

A History as Rich as Our Chocolate

Our story starts in 1824 when John Cadbury opened a grocer’s store in Birmingham, England, selling coffee, tea and drinking chocolate. Queen Victoria herself granted a Royal Warrant to CADBURY, making it the chocolate of choice among the royal family.

The earliest CADBURY Easter Eggs were laid in 1875, but the first cream-filled eggs we love today didn’t hatch until 1923. Competing with internationally popular Swiss chocolate, CADBURY created the brand’s first Milk Chocolate Bar in 1897.

The Hershey Company acquired the U.S. CADBURY license in 1988 and has been making the delicious chocolate ever since.

CADBURY Chocolate Frequently Asked Questions