A history as rich as our chocolate.

After 200 years in business, we’ve come a long way from our roots on 93 Bull Street in Birmingham, England.

It all started in 1824.

John Cadbury opened a grocer’s store in Birmingham, England where he sold coffee, tea, and drinking chocolate.

Chocolate fit for a Queen.

In 1854, CADBURY was granted a Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria herself—making CADBURY the chocolate of choice among the Royal family.

Introducing the first CADBURY Easter Egg.

The earliest eggs were laid in 1875—made with dark chocolate and filled with sugar-coated chocolate drops known as 'dragees.’

A real life chocolate oasis.

After outgrowing their factory, the Cadbury brothers built a 140-acre community in Bournville, England where employees could live and work.

CADBURY’s first milk chocolate bar.

In 1897, CADBURY wanted to challenge popular Swiss chocolate with their own British product—creating the brand’s first Milk Chocolate Bar.

The first cream-filled eggs.

Cream-filled eggs first appeared back in 1923. But the CADBURY CREME EGG Candies we know and love today didn’t hit the shelves until 1971.

And then we sailed west.

In 1988 The Hershey Company acquired the U.S. CADBURY license and has been providing us delicious CADBURY chocolate ever since.

Cadbury Royal Dark bar


In 2002, we introduced our decadent ROYAL DARK Chocolate in the US—our first dark chocolate product.


we’re one of the largest chocolate brands.

Around the world, people know us for our iconic Easter Eggs, our creamy dairy milk chocolate, and our selection of delicious chocolate bars.


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