Give Your Pet a Shot at Fame

Anybunny can be the Cadbury Bunny…and who wouldn’t want to be!?

Through a crazy year, the adorable fur babies we cherish proved to be even more important to us. 2020 was a big year for pet adoptions according to the ASPCA®, making thousands of people first-time pawrents. Now it’s time to give our pets the recognition they deserve!

The 2021 Cadbury Bunny Tryouts are officially LIVE – bigger and better than ever before! Throughout February, animal lovers nationwide are invited to enter their household pets (be it dog, cat, hedgehog, or even llama!) into the Cadbury Bunny Tryouts at

Cat with Bunny Ears Hedgehog with Bunny Ears Llama with Bunny Ears

And to kick off the competition, we’ve tapped last year’s winner and Bunny expert, Lieutenant Dan, to be ‘guest judge’ – we just hope he won’t steal the show 😉. Not only will Lieutenant Dan help choose this year’s winner, but he will be the Bunny of the season with his commercial debut – that is until the new Bunny earns their ears on March 23rd!

Lt. DanSome pointers from Lt. Dan for aspiring Bunnies:

  1. Always smile. A good attitude goes a long way!
  2. Get creative! We know there is a Bunny ear filter – but come on, let your personality shine!
  3. Show off your style! Grab your best accessory or prop and show the camera what you’ve got!

More about our guest judge: Born with a birth defect causing deformity of his hind limbs and tail, Lt. Dan’s hind legs were amputated at a young age. He sure hasn’t let that stop him from living his best hound life! He loves to wrestle, play, run, hike and swim just like any other dog, bringing inspiration to all.

Spreading the pet love: To further show support for animals everywhere, the brand is teaming up with the ASPCA®, the nation’s leading animal welfare organization. 2020 proved that there is a pressing desire to support local shelters by fostering and adopting vulnerable animals amid the COVID-19 crisis and in the third year of partnership, The Hershey Company will support the ASPCA’s mission of protecting and caring for these animals with a $15,000 donation.

Dog being held by ASPCA worker Cat and a Dog laying next to each other

Photo credit: ASPCA ®

“We saw an enormous response at our shelters this past year, and are thrilled to see our animals going to loving homes,” said Rebecca Frommer, Director, Cause Partnerships & Evens, ASPCA®. “We are a proud partner of the Cadbury Bunny Tryouts and are grateful for the brand’s support of animal protection and rescue. Together, we hope to inspire more pet owners to enter their fur babies into the competition, and also shed light on what we are doing over at the ASPCA®!”

More details on the Cadbury Bunny Tryouts HERE.

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