Easter Bunny Egg Characters

Easter Bunny Egg Characters

Easter Bunny Egg Characters Video


  • Sweetened Coconut Flakes, (tinted) *
  • 1 Bag HERSEYS MILK Chocolate Chips (any type) - Rough Chopped
  • 1 Bag HERSHEYS White Chips
  • 1 Bag Pink Mini-Marshmallows
  • 1 Pack Pink Sugar Pearls (nose)
  • 1 Set Candy Eyeballs
  • Pink and White Flower Candy Decorations (hair)
  • Pink Round Confetti Decorations (feet)
  • Pink Heart Candy Decorations (feet)
  • 1 Bag White Creme Baking Wafers
  • 2 small paint brushes
  • Parchment Paper


  • 1. Over a double boiler (or in the microwave) melt in separate bowls the milk chocolate chips and white creme chips stirring until smooth.
  • 2. On a piece of parchment paper using the melted milk chocolate, paint the chocolate in the shape of ears using the paint brush.
  • 3. When cooled, paint the inside of the ears with the melted white creme chips.
  • 4. At the base of the ears paint a dime sized dollop of the melted milk chocolate and place the CADBURY Egg on the dollop. This "glues" the ears to the egg when cooled. Once cooled peel away from the parchment paper.
  • 5. For the paws, on parchment paper paint 2 dime size dollops of the milk chocolate. Before they cool place one heart shape candy in the center of each and place 3 pink round confetti pieces above each heart making the toes. Let cool completely. When cooled, peel away from the parchment paper.
  • 6. For the base, on parchment paint a quarter size dollop of the milk chocolate, and dust with the green tinted coconut. While the dollop is still warm hold the egg upright on the dollop until it cools.
  • 7. Using the warm milk chocolate "glue" the eyes, nose, cheeks and feet to the egg. (To Glue - Use the paint brush to put a small dot of warm chocolate onto the egg between the eyes, nose, cheeks and feet. Hold each in place until they cool)
  • 8. Using the warm white creme chips paint the teeth onto the egg.
  • 9. For the hair, use the warm milk chocolate to glue the flower to the top of the egg.
  • 10. For the tail, use the warm milk chocolate glue the mini-marshmallow to the back of the egg.
  • TIP: Wear cotton gloves to prevent the chocolate from melting in your hands as you assemble the bunnies.
  • *NOTE: To tint coconut, combine several drops green food color with 3/4 teaspoon water; add to 1-1/2 cups coconut. Stir until evenly tinted. Repeat using blue, pink or yellow food color.


What's Inside


Crack open a CRÈME EGG candy. Made with a rich, milk chocolate shell and our classic fondant filling. Perfect for Easter, or any time your sweet tooth is craving.

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