Princess Basket

Princess Basket


SKILL LEVEL : Advanced


  • Basket
  • Green Easter grass
  • 3/4" Polyester elastic woven non-roll
  • 3 Yards fine netting
  • 1-1/2" Roll of zebra print ribbon with wired edge
  • Feather boa
  • Feather clip
  • 3/16" Round 12" dowel
  • 1" Roll of hot pink with white dot satin ribbon
  • White craft foam
  • Plastic headband
  • Sticker paper
  • Needle & white thread
  • Scissors
  • Rotary cutter
  • Glue stick or low temp hot glue gun
  • Assorted Easter candies from Hershey and HERSHEY'S chocolates


  • Fill the basket with green Easter grass and wrap a feather boa around the handle. Fill the basket with fun dress up items that your little princess will enjoy (tutu, princess wand, toy tiara, etc...) or create our fun princess accessories.
  • Finish off your basket with assorted Easter candies from Hershey and HERSHEY'S chocolates
  • Princess Tu Tu
    Measure your little princess's waist and cut some elastic for a waistband. Overlap ends of the elastic and stitch to secure. Using a rotary cutter, fold the netting and cut 4" by 18" strips. Loop the strips around the elastic waistband and pull the loose ends through the loop to secure. Make sure to push the netting tight and repeat the steps to gain the desired fullness. Tie a bow with the wired edged ribbon and stitch it on the tutu to keep it in place.
  • Fairy Wand/Princess Scepter
    Print our crown on paper or on sticker paper. (For the best results we recommend Sticker Project Paper from Avery #3383). Cut out a piece of craft foam as a backing for the crown, and then attach the printed crown to the foam.

    Wrap the dowel with pink satin ribbon and secure bottom of the wrapped ribbon with a touch of hot glue. Glue crown to the dowel and let dry completely. As a fun accent, clip the Feather boa clip behind the crown to the dowel (this allows the clip to be removed, if desired.)
  • Headband
    Measure the Zebra print Ribbon to length of headband, make sure to add at least 1" for turning up on the ends. Center the ribbon on the band and then criss cross stitch with a double thread to cover. Turn up the bottom of the ribbon and fold them towards the center to finish, securing with an extra stitch and knot.

    To make the headband rose, cut an 8" Strip of the Zebra ribbon and gather in a circle. Sew the ends together and then using a needle & double thread; begin to gather the satin ribbon along the bottom. Pull the ribbon together to create the center of the rose and stitch in place. Continue to gather and stitch rows of petals, working in a circle and stitching along the bottom to secure. Stitch the completed rose inside Zebra Ribbon circle. Stitch or glue the rose onto headband.


What's Inside


Crack open a CRÈME EGG candy. Made with a rich, milk chocolate shell and our classic fondant filling. Perfect for Easter, or any time your sweet tooth is craving.

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